Vanishing Trails

ORTR PioneersHistoric trails provide powerful and provocative stories that cannot be fully capture by articles, books or broadcast documentaries.  Along with historic places they are symbols and evidence of our shared heritage.  They educate us about the people and events, places and landscapes of the American past – and about the aspirations and actions that produced those tangible survivors.

If you would like to experience first-hand the excitement of America’s westward expansion movement, the Vanishing Trails Expeditions are your ticket to adventure.

Follow in the tracks of these intrepid pioneers, experience the romance of the fur trade era, immerse yourself in our cowboy heritage, take a horseback ride across the open prairie; thrill to the excitement of a wild west rodeo; meet a tribal elder in his own home or relist the sights and sounds of a traditional pow wow; retrace the paths of pioneer covered wagons and walk in actual wagon ruts which have survived more than a century of sun wind and weather.415px-Piegan-_At_the_Waters_edge

Americans pride themselves on building a nation through such unprecedented westward expansion, but the story also includes hundreds of thousands of Native Americans who were unaware that their “savage” land needed taming.  Shebby Lee Tours also offers interpretive tours focusing on tribes or events which impacted their lives.  Now you can walk in the moccasins of some of these bands,  learn of their tragedies, and appreciate the triumph of their spirit as modern day Native Americans strive to preserve their culture and folkways.

The Oregon Trail Revisited

The widely-believed phrase “Great American Desert” was rarely used by Oregon Trail emigrants in their diaries,  often using more accurate terms such as “plains” or “prairie”, and even “the Garden of Eden” and “the garden of the world”.  Why then, did the pioneers keep on moving instead of settling this apparent Shangri-La?  I believed there was a story here and I decided to find out what it was.

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Circling the Wagons

Wide Open Spaces

It All Started With the Oregon Trail